Thursday, August 30, 2012

WISP Wednesday

Hello there

I am very happy to say that I have made some progress on Block #6 of my tree skirt. 

I have added the greens and the button to the bottom left corner and used the threaded chain stitch that was one of the TAST stitches from a few weeks ago.  I threaded it with a bulky thread and liked the way it came out.  I might try this again sometime.

The button in the left corner is a lovely button made by Jan Trivanovich from Reynoldsburg, OH.  It is a white and gold beaded button.  This was part of the swap we had at Maureen Greeson's Adventure in Crazy Quilting last year.  I thought those greens showed the button off a bit.  I also used some green memory thread in with the greens.

I then added some bells on this block.  I LOVE those little colored bells.  They have a little loop at the top that you sew on and it makes them really jingle nicely.  I love that.  I added some little gold bells in the right corner. 

I am having trouble with the placement of the clackers for the bells in the bottom middle.  I have tried adding bells there but now realize that would not be another bell but something to strike the bell.  I will try beads there instead.  This will probably be the last thing I do on this block for now.

I will now be working on one of the other blocks of the tree skirt.   Thank you for having a look!

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  1. Your block is very pretty. The bells are a great addition. I am looking forward to your next update.