Sunday, November 4, 2012

Corsages from wedding

Hello there -

I wanted to show some pictures of the corsages and boutinnaires I made for my niece's wedding.  They were such fun to make.  She had me make a different one for each family member so I made about 25 corsages and 15 boutinnaires.  They took a while to make but I think they turned out well. 

Do you see the black and white polka dot flower in the center?  That is called a Kanzashi Flower.  If you Goggle Kanzashi you will find numerous directions for making these flowers.  They come in many different designs.  Or you can do what I did.  There are templates you can use to make the petals and then you can assemble the petals and use as many as you want.  I bought my templates from .  If you have never been to Joggles, they have some wonderful things including a chain of rhinestones you can use to decorate the middle of these flowers.

Then I used some beautiful felted wools I purchased from Forestheart Studios in Maryland. This was one of the fabulous vendors at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show.  She has wonderful felted wool pieces in yummy colors.  I used various light and deep purples and some green. 

But this was my pride and joy.  What about that button in the center??

Isn't it stunning?  I have about a half dozen of these buttons and I think they are gorgeous.  I am not sure where I got them but I have had them for a while.  I decided to use one of them for my corsage.  This is my corsage and my husband Greg's boutinnaire.  These are the buttons, they are different color crystals and sizes.  Unfortunately, this picture does not do them justice.  But they are gorgeous.

So after I made the corsages I wanted to present them in a nice display for people to choose their own.  I decided to get a clean pizza box and cover the inside with polka dot fabric and then display the flowers in there.  By doing this, it was easy to transport and then to display.

As you can see they are all different and I used an assortment of embellishments including, buttons, stamens, ribbons, fabric, yo-yo's.  I used several of my buttons (which I usually hoard).  I enjoyed making them.  My niece seemed  pleased with them and they seemed to be very well received by the guests.