Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello there

Well it seems as if I had fallen off the face of the earth but here I am and I hope I am back for a while.

We had just survived the 'storm of the century' and thankfully Sandy is on her way and exhausted.  We were very lucky and never lost our power.  The winds were big and bad and a lot of rain but we survived.  It is colder now than it was before the storm came and thankfully we don't live in western Maryland where they are getting over a foot of snow.  Weather is a very interesting thing and if we didn't have it, what would we talk about?

Enough of the weather.  What have I been up to?  Well for most of September I was helping to prepare for my nieces wedding.  I am very close to my niece and since my sister died years ago I think we have become even closer.  I was so excited that she was getting married that I wanted to be as involved as she would let me and fortunately, she let me.  It was a wonderful wedding and she looked beautiful.

She is one of those people who wants to have everything just right and wanted to make all sorts of things for the wedding.  She gave me lots of jobs to do to help prepare and fortunately it all seems to work out well.  Only she and I know the things that didn't get finished.

In addition to all that she had me doing, I was making a KING size quilt for her and her husband, unbeknowst to her.  She usually knows everything I am doing and I think she was quite surprised.  Unfortunately, I am terrible at remembering to take pictures and always leave that for other people.  Hopefully she will send me some pictures soon and I will post them.

So this quilt as I said was KING size.  I don't know what possessed me to make this, it had to be some evil demon.  At first I thought it would be a queen size but then she said they were getting a king size bed so I changed to a king.  Never, never again will I do this.  Her theme colors were black and white and purple.  So I decided to make it black and white.  I found 50 different black and white fabrics which took forever.  I purchased on line, and quilt stores where ever I went.  I even went to Mary Jo's (she lives near there) without her knowing.  It was a simple pattern, 4 inch strips with different fabrics making up the strips.  It was so large I had to have it quilted.  I found a wonderful lady here in Maryland who quilted it for me and she did a terrific job.  I then had to sew the binding on which was 520 inches long!! 

So it is nice to be back to my blog.  I am now going to try and spruce this blog spot up a bit so it is more blog looking.


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