Sunday, August 26, 2012


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Well I was so disappointed earlier in the month that we could not see the Persied Meteor Shower here on the east coast of the US.  We were willing to go in almost any direction to see the show, but almost the entire east coast was clouded in for those few nights.  To make matters worse the next morning I heard a person on the radio describing in great detail how wonderful the meteors were in California.  The reason they were to be so good this year is because the moon was not very full. 

Several years ago we saw the meteor shower for the first time and it was spectacular.  We had rented a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and were sitting out on the dune deck in the evening enjoying the night sky.  We had my mother and Greg's mother sitting out there with us.  We started noticing a few shooting stars and then more and more and it was like the sky was ablaze.   Greg finally realized what it was and we were all so excited.  We stayed out there for hours watching the show.  It was spectacular.  We have tried for years to see it again but never have come anywhere near that experience.

So it is with great pleasure that at around the same time my moonflowers started to bloom!!  Now they are spectacular!!

I have been getting at least one a night for the past two weeks and now I am getting 4 to 6 a night.  Here is a picture of 3 of them.

This is not a great picture but you can see the three of them.  What you cannot realize is how big they are so here is a picture with a US quarter next to it to give you some perspective of their size.  There is nothing I can do that can give you a sense of their fragrance  - but it is wonderful!!!

None of this has anything to do with the stitching of my tree skirt and I have to say I have not done any stitching on it for a while but I have been busy with other things.

My niece is getting married in Oct. and we went to visit her last weekend to help her with some of her preparations.  She is planning on doing everything herself so she needed a little help.  She has already given me several things to do for the wedding and when I left her I had several more assignments.  So that is what I will be working on for a while.  However I do intend to do some work on my tree skirt.  I really want to have it ready for Christmas this year.  Having just glanced at the calendar, I notice that Christmas is just 4 months from yesterday.  Egads, where did summer go??

I hope to be back on Wednesday to show some progress.

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