Thursday, July 19, 2012

Late for Wednesday

Hello there

Well I am a little late for WISP Wednesday since today is Thursday but that is just a technicality.  I didn't get to work on much but I added some words for block number 6. 

I was worried that I had too many motifs for this one and it wasn't in keeping with the others.  So I decided to add these words and then focus the rest of the block on more bells and holly.  We will see how this works.

I know I changed the words a bit but I thought that would be okay.  I am working on the little hat to the right.

Again it has been so hot here lately.  However, we are not as bad as other parts of the US who are suffering such a drought.  Then other places are having flooding.  What a crazy weather world.

Well I think I will pop back into the AC and work on this hat some more.  Here is a picture of the entire block so far.


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