Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

July 4th - Happy Birthday USA

Well it has been dreadfully hot here in Maryland the last few days and also we are recovering from a really bad storm we had last weekend.  So I have taken the opportunity to stitch.  Fortunately we have had power (1000's of people in this area don't have any power in this dreadful heat and have had to go to cooling stations).  I have been able to stay in my  air conditioned sewing room with my grand-dog and stitch.  This is my progress for this week.

I continued along with the theme of the 12 days of Christmas and I added "Five Golden Rings".  Then a drum for the drummers drumming and a Lady dancing.  I am having fun with this theme but I think that will be all.  I also spiffed up some of the seams but I have more to do and I also want to add something down in the left and right corners.

Here is a close up of the Golden rings and a little more detail on the seams. 

Well those of you in this country, have a wonderful 4th.  I hope everyone else has a wonderful day.



  1. Great shot of some pretty work! My dad lives in MD and was without power for about 5 days - said he was so miserable. The weather sure has been crazy all over the US this year!

  2. Beautiful work! Surely a keepsake in the making.

  3. Hello Maureen, I was really interested in your blog, it's good to watch someone start out, I'm sure you will inspire me, I've also been thinking about a blog. I'm also relatively new to crazy quilting so I will follow your progress with your Christman tree skirt. So far it's really beautiful. Good for you for being brave enough to step out. Lucky you to have been able to attend those classes with such great teachers. I'm in England so learn from a distance with books, magazine and online groups. Wishing you all the very best. Kind regards Mandy Currie