Friday, February 8, 2013

Harikuyo Day

Hello there -

Susan Elliott is a friend of mine.  I am very proud to be able to say that.  I have learned so much from Susan and hope we go on for many years being friends.  Susan gets so excited about so many things and in that excitement makes them events for all to share.  Susan is a fantastic stitcher and puts so much research and detail into everything she stitches.  One of the things I learned from her is about Harikuyo - the Festival of Broken  Needles which occurs Feb. 8.  If you go to her website - plays with needles - you will learn a good bit about this festival (and sooooo much more plus lots of eye candy).  I, like many other stitchers, embrace this day because we all get such joy and fulfillment from the work our needles perform. 

Susan has also created a needlebook based on this day with a page for broken needles.  She taught this class to our Crazy Quilt group and then offered it online and so many people registered to take the class, she was blown away.  They all loved it.  Here is my needlebook

I love my needlebook.  I use it all the time.  I have my space for broken needles, although for some reason I don't seem to break many needles.  I have been excited for today to celebrate my two broken needles.  I have some bent pins I am going to put to rest with the needles.  This is how much I use this needlebook you can see all my threads hanging out.

Here you can see my special place for needles.  What am I planning on doing with these needles today you might ask?  I am going to wrap them in a little piece of fabric and bury them by my rose bushes.  I am thinking they might like resting near something lovely and my perhaps my roses might learn a thing or two about working harder.  However, I have to wait for the rain to stop.

So on this day of thanking hard workers, I would like to thank Susan for all the hard work and information and creativity she shares with the stitching community, her friends and especially her family, on a regular basis.  Thank you Susan for all that you do and thank you Susan for being my friend.

Take care.


  1. Beautiful Maureen. I am speechless. Thank YOU. We are already friends forever. And you made me actually LOL when you said that your roses might learn a thing or two about working harder from your buried needles. You are wonderful and I am blessed to call you friend. Love Susan

    P.S. Your needlebook is looking just like mine!

  2. I agree, Susan is very inspiring!

    I buried my needles under my favourite rose bush. I hope the rain has stopped for you.

    My needlebook looks just like yours too!!

    1. Thank you for looking at my blog. If your needlebook looks like mine, it must be well loved and well used like mine!!!

  3. I don't seem to break needles wither - bent yes, but not broken. I have also had needles that have blackened around the eye but now I buy the gold plated ones.
    You are very lucky to count Susan as a friend - I have only just recently discovered her blog and am always so amazed and inspired - I too learned of Harikuyo through her. She has an amazing talent!