Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Mexico

Hello there

For Thanksgiving we were able to go and visit our very good friends in Santa Fe.  We try to visit every other or every third year for Thanksgiving.  It is a wonderful and relaxing time.  On Thanksgiving itself, we have a buffet feast and they watch football and I sit and stitch or read.  It is very relaxing.   They make turkey and gravy and we (or actually my DH Greg) make garbanzo loaf and brussel sprout salad (we are vegetarians).  There are several other traditional dishes they all put together.  It is a wonderful day.

This year while we were there we went to a wonderful place called Ojo Caliente, which is  a location for hot springs.  It was wonderful.  There are 6 or so different pools, each a different temperature and a different mineral for healing.  Then there is a wonderful hugh pool which is kept at a constant 84 degrees.  The sun is warm and they have great facilities.  Here is a picture of the area.

This is the Arsenic pool and the big pool in the background.   The big pool again below.

We also went to a lovely old town in northern NM called Chimayo where they do, and have been doing for almost 400 years, weaving rugs.  Chimayo rugs are very famous and were a very important commodity for export along the trading trails many years ago.  My friend works with a woman who has a lovely shop there and we were able to tour the shop and see the weaving in many different stages.  The stage I enjoyed the most was that they had just finished dying their wools for weaving.  They say they are able to do the dying in the spring and fall because there is more water in the river at that time.  Have a look at the wools.

Aren't the color just gorgeous.  The rugs are as well.  I wish I had gotten some pictures of the rugs but I did get a picture of the proprietor and my friend and one of their looms.  I wish I could remember the name of the shop.  If you ever have a chance to see Chimayo rugs, you will see how gorgeous they are.

We always have a wonderful time visiting these friends and I am always looking forward to going back again.  I lived in NM for several years and this last visit really made me remember what it is about the area that is so special.  It really it a very special and almost spiritual place.

Take care!

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  1. The wool colors are indeed beautiful and it looks very relaxing! Glad you had a good trip.