Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Block #5

Hello there!

How are you doing today?  This week I have been working on Block number 5.  There is no rhyme or reason which block I work on, I just pick the one that cries out to me first.  This is how block 5 looks at the beginning of this challenge.

Let me talk about my plan for these blocks.  I thought that the top 5 inches or so would not really be seen too much because it will be covered by the tree.  So I thought I would just put some plain stitching there to look a little festive but not too much work.  For the most part, I have chosen to use the Feather stitch using different Kreinik threads and varied the size of the stitches.  

As I said in the Intro, I will be using things I learned or obtained while at the Adventure last year, including motifs from the super Motif swap.   On block 5, under the Feather stitches there is a bright purple Kreinik ribbon in a zig-zag line.  If you look closely, you will see little circle star shapes.  This is something I learned, I believe from SharonB.  It is called sequin waste (or something similar).  What it is is the piece left after all the sequins have been punched out of the form.  The sequins could be stars, circles, hearts, anything.  You just cut the 'waste' apart and you have cool, shiny shapes.  I sewed them on with thin sewing thread and they are shiny and purple, which I don't think you can notice here.

On Wednesday, I will post the work I have done this week on block #5.  There has not been much work done but I still have one more day.

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  1. I really like the shiny purple ribbon and the sequin stars! This is going to be finished in no time!